Sunny Raven gallery is a full service picture framing gallery serving the Canmore community since 1983. We are the longest running/operating custom framers in the Bow Valley. While the name and location have changed over the years, designer and artist Megan Nicks has been the owner operator since 1983, joined by partner Paul Goutiere in 1997. We are located in Elk Run industrial Park, facing Elk Run Blvd.

We have a fully equipped workshop/studio with many ready made mats and frames stocked and provide a complete range of custom services on site.With all the tools of the trade, we will undertake unusual projects. And, while good work requires time we can generally accept rush orders.

Our strengths include our design capabilities. We create a unique and personalized design for every piece brought to us. Our custom work is done by hand, on location. We are at home producing work for individuals as well as corporate clients and designers. With about 1500 frame samples on display, (and many more under the counter) and 3 major lines of matboard samples, as well as many customizing possibilities, your choices are endless! There is no need to feel overwhelmed, however, however as we can guide you through the design process.

By providing both custom and off-the-shelf frames, a full range of budgetary requirements can be met.

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