Story of the Raven:

The Raven is one of the smartest of birds, playful & long-lived (up to 40 years). Unlike the migrating crows, Ravens are year-round residents of the Rockies, living in valleys and flying high over mountain passes, soaring with the winds. They are very social birds, living in extended families where related birds help parents feed fledglings; they are also said to care for older birds. Ravens love to tease other creatures and young males will also play games of “chicken” to impress each other with their daring.

Many stories are told of the deeds of this “Trickster” bird in North America. First Nations of the Northwest coast have several variations of the story of how Raven brought the Sun to the world. Some say that the Sun was stolen by a powerful being and hidden in his dwelling far away. Raven’s cunning and abilities as a shape-shifter gave him the chance to steal the Sun and put it back where it belonged. Raven restored warmth and light to the world, saving all life, including human beings.

In Britain it is said that if the Ravens leave the Tower of London, it heralds the end of the reigning monarchy. It is also said that the spirit of King Arthur lives in Ravens. The Celtic name Bran means Raven; it means a man of strength, intelligence and skill. Branwen means White Raven.

The Chinese also consider the Raven to be connected with the Sun. A golden Raven in a circle represents the Sun. Once 10 suns appeared in the sky, causing great drought, heat and suffering. The Emperor commanded an archer to shoot them down . After 9 were shot, the Sun God requested that one be left so the Earth would have light and warmth.

About Meg and Paul:

Originally a graduate from a fine arts programme in Montreal, Meg Nicks had been looking for an opportunity to work in a field connected with the visual arts. When a framing business came up for sale in 1983, it seemed like a natural fit. A background in colour and design is fundamental to picture framing. While running a business takes a lot of time, she continues making art. Nature is her source of inspiration, expressed through drawing, painting, collage and photography.

Paul Goutiere’s love for cameras got him started as a newspaper photographer. He went on to spend many years in audio-visual technology and industrial electronics. He joined Meg in the framing business in the nineties. Paul’s wonderful ability to problem-solve has been a great asset as he designs object mounts and shadow boxes in addition to building picture frames of all sorts. He continues to pursue his interest in film photography, using medium format cameras.