Exhibition December 2009

Linden Wentzloff, Canmore’s own illustrator of children’s books, has a number of her original gouache paintings for sale. Her illustrations of children and Rocky Mountain animals are featured in these books:

“In the Path of the Great Bear”
“Magic in the Mountains”
“Where Wolves are Wild”
“Never Bug a Bear”

Linden says about her work:

“The challenge in all four books was to represent the animals in a sympathetic, non-threatening manner that was at the same time reasonably realistic, and to present their environments in a way that conveyed the wonder we all feel here in the mountains. I think a lot about light and shadow when I’m painting, and try to show our unique local colours of light so that the books are recognizable as our area without being exclusive to it.”

Linden originally worked in theatres across Canada, dyeing costume fabrics and creating accessories. She and her family have made their home in Canmore since 1989; she has painted since then and started illustrating books in 2001.